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If you have any questions about the makerspace or would like to subscribe to our mailing list so you can be notified when we post new classes, please email Todd.

The Friends of the Waltham Public Library & the WPL welcome you to our makerspace. We are just getting things started. The space will continue to grow over the coming months so please check back since we will be increasing number of classes and open sessions in the coming months.

We are holding several maker classes for all ages each month. Our events calendar is below. Please note that some events require that you register before attending. These events have a registration link in the calendar below. You can either register by clicking on the link or you can call us at 781-314-3425 x0.

Below, is our Makerspace & Technology calendar that includes programs specifically for all ages, children, teens, & adults. New classes are added to the calendar between the 15th & 20th of each month. (You will have to click “Next Month” on the calendar below to see the newly added classes.)

  • Prusa MK3 with a .6mm nozzle (faster prints with less detail)
  • Artillery Genius with a .4 nozzle (slower prints with finer detail)

Boss 1416 CO2 Laser Cutter. 

Information on speed & power for different materials can be found here.

  •  70w laser
  • 14″x20″ cutting area
    • Engraves:
      •  Wood: Baltic Birch Plywood & any soft or hardwood. (Do not use regular plywood, MDF, or any woods that have hazardous glues)
      • Acrylic
      • Ceramic
      • Glass
      • Leather (must be Vegetable-tanned)
      • Granite
      • Slate
      • Mirror
      • Anodized Aluminum
      • Rubber (odorless)
    • Cuts:
      • Up to 3/8″ Wood: Baltic Birch Plywood, soft woods, & most hardwoods  (Do not use regular plywood, MDF, or any woods that have hazardous glues)
      • Acrylic
      • Leather (must be Vegetable-tanned)
      • Paper
      • Fabric
      • Rubber (odorless)
      • Foam
  • Cricut Maker 3
  • Cricut Maker

Cricuts can cut many different material including paper, vinyl, balsa wood, fabrics, leather, and cork. They can also draw on many different materials.

With our Cricuts you can make cards, stickers, bookmarks, iron-ons, and so much more!

We also have an Epson ET-8550 color inkjet printer that works great for many Cricut projects.

  • SainSmart Genmitsu 3018 CNC Machine

***This is not ready for use yet***

This machine has a GRBL controller so it works with programs such as Easel and VCarve.

  • Bernette B05 Academy Sewing Machine
  • Weller 70 Watt Digital Soldering Station – WE1010NA
  • Beading
  • Embroidery
  • Bracelets & Earrings
  • Small Weaving Loom
  • Rubber Band Crafting
  • & More…

Vevor Industrial Paper Cutter:

  • Up to 17″ Width/Height
  • Up to 500 Sheets

Cost for Materials:

The makerspace is funded by the FWPL. All equipment and supplies have either been purchased by or donated to the FWPL. In order to keep the makerspace stocked, there will be a materials fee for some projects. More information on this is below and in the relevant project section.

If you bring your own materials, there will be no charge to use our equipment.

Classes: There is no charge for materials used to complete the class’s project, but if you want to create another project or a more in-depth project, you will be asked to pay a small fee for the extra materials. More info is available below.

Open Sessions: There is a fee for materials used during an open session. More information about pricing is available below. If you bring your own materials there is no fee to use our equipment. 


  • 3D Printers:

We currently have a Prusa Prusa MK3 (0.6 nozzle) and an Artillery Genius (0.4 nozzle).

If you have a design you want to print:

  • If this is your first time using our 3D printers, you must either come to one of our open session or email Todd to set up an appointment when you can come to the library to learn how to use our 3D printers and start your print job.
  • Print jobs are limited to 10 hours.
  • First 15grams are free. After that, it is 5¢ per gram.
  • If you bring your own filament, there is no charge to use our 3D printers.
  • Laser Cutter/Engraver:

We currently have a Boss  1416 Laser Cutter. 

  • 70w Laser Tube
  • 15.75″ X 13.75″ Cutting Area
  • It can engrave acrylic, wood, leather, rubber, paper, fabric, cardboard, corian, foam, fiber glass, gold,  aluminum, silver, steel, brass, titanium, & copper.
  • It can cut acrylic, wood, leather, rubber, paper, fabric, cardboard, corian, foam, & fiber glass.
  • With our rotary chuck, you can engrave drinking glasses & more.

If you have a design you want to cut/engrave:

  • You must attend one of our Introduction to the Laser Cutter classes.
  • Jobs are limited to 1 hour.
  • Cost is 5¢ per square inch of wood (3mm thick)
  • If you bring your own materials, there is no charge to use our laser cutter.
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