1912-Titanic Centennial-2012: Some Waltham Connections

You’ve probably heard by now that this coming April 15 is the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic disaster. Over 1500 souls lost their lives in the sinking of the “virtually unsinkable” ocean liner.

But did you know that Waltham has some connections to the tragedy? At least two of the victims had been carrying Waltham watches, one of which fetched a pretty penny recently at auction. One of the crew members had a relative, a sister, living in Waltham. The famous Titanic explorer, Dr. Robert Ballard, has a business here. Our Hovey Players have performed a play based on the disaster called Scotland Road and a local dance group is holding a Titanic Weekend. Of course, our newspaper covered the event with admirable tastefulness.

If you find this intriguing, come see the display outside the Waltham Room. It will be up for several months.

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