How you can mend a broken heart?

Wow, we are quickly losing the disco-era stars.  Now its Robin Gibb, who along with his twin brother Maurice and the eldest brother Barry formed the Bee Gee’s.

Everyone, even my Mom, loved the Bee Gee’s, with their catchy songs, falsettos and great beat.

Again, I can remember dancing to “Stayin’ Alive”, “Jive Fever” and of course “Night Fever”.

The Bee Gee’s were born in England and raised in Australia.  They began their career in the ’60s but it was their soundtrack for the movie “Saturday Night Fever” that catapulted them to fame.  Who could ever forget the young and handsome John Travolta dancing to “You should be dancing”.  Yes I should, and with John Travolta in a white suit and me, years younger and pounds thinner is a beautiful dress, spinning under the disco ball.  Oops-I digress.

After the sudden death of brother Maurice in 2003, the name Bee Gees was retired.  Robin and Barry did a few projects together and Robin continued his solo career until his health failed as well.

Luckily, we can still here the Bee Gees and their “blue-eyed soul” for many more decades.

Come into the library and check out their CD’s and video and you too can be dancing.


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