Moody Street

image from Waltham Public Library Waltham Room photo collection

Just a quick post to point you to the series that Waltham’s Daily News Tribune recently ran regarding the history and future of Moody Street. The main drag of Waltham once housed several retail stores, and has now become a fixture for several restaurants, including my favorite, Solea. The street has gone through some ups and downs, and the articles really bring some history to light for those like me who weren’t around for the days of Grover Cronin. They will surely bring back a lot of memories for those of you who were.

If you want to learn more about the history of Moody Street and other parts of Waltham, be sure to visit our Waltham room. I also recommend Waltham Rediscovered by Kristen Peterson which we have both for sale and lending. You can also look at old Grover Cronin ads by browing through our News Tribune microfilm collection.

Daily News Tribune’s Moody Street Series:

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