Ode to the Autmatic Door

I spend a lot of my shifts working at the library, at the rear circulation desk, no matter what the time, I watch patrons struggling with our heavy doors.

Even though the signs say the door is automatic, a button needs to be pushed  in order to activate the door; because the door opens directly out to the parking area AND we want to keep our “littlest”patrons safe. Children love to push buttons, so they adapt quickly, especially since the buttons are located right at their level. The adults seem to struggle more with the doors, maybe they don’t realize how heavy they are; many wrestle their way in and out.

So I imagined myself as the automatic door and came up with this little poem,

from the other side of the button…
AUTOMATIC DOOR here at your service,
I’m Here to assist you, I’m heavy, I know it.
You sprint to the doorway your arms overflowing
Sometimes I wonder, where are you all going?
How useful how helpful my machinery,

A button just waits there, some push it with glee.

You wind up and punch it once, twice maybe three
When most times a light tap is all I need.
It takes me a moment to get myself going,
So wait just a second and take a deep breath.
Then before you can blink twice you’ll be on your way,
off to enjoy a really great day.

posted by Jeanette

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  1. Comment by Taddea
    January 26, 2009 @ 5:40 pm

    Love the advice. Thank you.

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