Inauguaration Day

Despite your political beliefs, there is no denying that welcoming a new President is always interesting and exciting.  What will the speech be like?  How will the outgoing President react, especially if he is welcoming a political opponent?  What will the next four years bring?   What will the new First Lady wear to the Inaugural Ball (face it, you care more about that than you’re willing to let on)?  And, most importantly, how will Barack Obama deal with living with his mother-in-law?  Regardless, again, of who you voted for, this Inauguration is one for the History Books.  The United States will not only be welcoming its first African-American President, but its first President of any minority group.  We can only hope that someday this is something the younger generation won’t even think twice about, but for adults like myself, it is something very historic and noteworthy.

For those of you wanting to watch the Inauguartion, but won’t have access to a tv, check out CNN’s live web coverage.  Those of you with Facebook accounts can “RSVP” to the event. Come do this using one of our computers in the reference area or check out one of our laptops to watch anywhere in the library. Read past Inaugural Speeches, take a quiz on who wore what ball gown, and learn about the evolution of the Inauguration.  The Library of Congress also has a great section on Presidential Inagurations including video, photos,  and full text of the speeches.  And don’t forget to check out our display of Presidential Biographies, from George Washington to George W. Bush, and even Barack Obama.

Enjoy some of the photographs below from the Library of Congress and the audio of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech from  John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.

From Left to Right: Dwight D. Eisenhower at his first Inauguration, January 20, 1953. President-Elect Woodrow Wilson and President William Howard Taft leaving for Wilson’s Inauguration March 4, 1913.

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