Wireless Fun @ the Library

Did you know the library offers free wireless access? Come into the library and log into the walthampubliclibrary network with your laptop or other device. Don’t have a laptop or something similar? No problem. You can “check out” a laptop from our front circulation desk with your library card and photo ID and use it anywhere in the building for up to two hours. Need some peace and quiet while you’re working away on your laptop? That’s not a problem, either. Reserve one of our five study rooms at the reference desk and work in silence for up to two hours.
And, now, we’re very excited to offer wireless printing! You can now print directly from a laptop computer anywhere in the library (for only 10 cents a page). Your printouts will appear at a printer in the library’s reference area. If you’re printing from a library owned laptop, just send your document to print. If you’re printing from your own laptop, you will need to download software (once) in order to print. Come to the reference desk for a CD-Rom and downloading directions. Don’t have a CD-Rom drive or want to download the software before you come to the library? No problem! Get the software here:

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